Levels of Economic Bubbles

It seems useful to identify several levels of economic bubbles:

Personal bubble: The economic bubble formed by an individual or a family created and maintained by self-interested behavior (See “Defining terms in Bubbleconomics“)

Microbubble: An economic bubble formed on a relatively small level, such as in a limited geographic location or niche market

Macrobubble: A large bubble that plays a major economic role in a large economy, globally, or in a major industry or industries

The Big Bubble: The theoretic global bubble consisting of the entire world economy based on unsustainable growth (See “Defining terms in Bubbleconomics“)

AB — 16 March 2009

3 Responses

  1. […] was interesting (but not surprising to me) to see the extent to which many people living in their personal bubble (see “Levels of Economic Bubbles”) show not only gross heartlessness toward others but a profound ignorance of economic realities even […]

  2. […] of view, the U.S. government’s efforts over the past year can be seen as an attempt to keep the Big Bubble pumped up. The current economic design requires a strong and powerful system of banking and […]

  3. […] going to see increasing needs for large-scale relief solutions, as the global situation worsens and economic bubbles pop at all levels. This emerging regime will call for innovative efforts on the parts of governments, NGOs, and […]

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